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Call Now (866) 690-4206

What is WSI Business Edge™?

Built upon DotNetNuke®

DotNetNuke®, the most widely adopted framework for building websites and web applications on Microsoft ASP.NET.  Using DotNetNuke, businesses can quickly develop and deploy interactive, dynamic public websites, intranets, extranets, and web applications. 

Powered by Modular Development Technology™  

Modular Development Technology™ is WSI’s technological framework for faster, more affordable website delivery.

By analyzing thousands of unique Internet solutions, WSI discovered that the vast majority of client sites could be developed through standard “building blocks” assembled in non-standard ways. By configuring each of these building blocks in a way that is unique for each client, the client receives a unique Internet solution tailored to his/her needs.

The development of these building blocks and the processes for assembling them are what make up WSI's trademarked Modular Development Technology™ (MDT). These MDT components are stored in a Digital Asset Management system that WSI refers to as the Code Depot™, along with the various development standards.

Four Reasons Why You Should Select WSI Business Edge™

1. Flexibility and Robust Application Suite

2. Technology platform made easy

3. Dedicated team to help you succeed

4. Endless opportunities

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